Bringing Earth sciences to everyone

What is this brochure for?

This is a prospectus for the Outreach activities of the International Year of Planet Earth 2005-2007. It describes the way in which the Year intends to operate its Outreach scheme, and how you can go about applying to become involved - and to claim financial support for your Earth science outreach initiatives.

Who should read it?

This prospectus is aimed at anyone looking for support for Earth science outreach activities (as defined below) and at potential sponsors of the Year wanting to learn more about how the Year intends to satisfy this half of its remit.

To find out more…

Every one of the International Year's nine science themes has a prospectus like this one. To find out about the research themes, please consult (where all our publications can be found).

What to do next…

If, having read this brochure, you feel you have an Earth science outreach project that might be eligible for funding under the Year, please go to and down-load the appropriate Expression of Interest (Outreach) form, and follow the instructions on submitting this to the International Year.

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